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Actionable Insights for the Cannabis Industry

SAGE is an analytics platform designed to provide actionable insights in the cannabis industry – making it easy for anybody from sales reps to CEO’s to see where they can make an impact on a daily basis.
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Some of the Brands we’ve helped

Free your team from tedious data entry with comprehensive profiles of every licensed dispensary, including details like the following:

Give Your Revenue Team Superpowers

Run Your Revenue Process With Data

  • Annual Revenue
  • SensiX Lead Score
  • AVG Inventory Level by Category
  • Top Five Brands by Category
  • Complete Details
  • Average Wait Time
  • License Details & Associated Licenses
  • Top Brands by Category
  • Total # of Brands &/or SKUs
  • Top SKUs by Brand

Focus On The Right Accounts

Operationalize Revenue Growth

SensiX can automatically update your CRM with comprehensive details of licensed dispensaries in your state(s) including custom fields that segment and prioritize your accounts needing attention.

Imagine the impact you will have when you know:

  • Which shops are running low?
  • Which shops are out of stock?
  • How many days a shop has been out of stock?
  • How many days left of inventory?
  • The annual revenue of a given shop?
  • Whether a new license is actively used?


What market share does this edible brand have in California?


Does this edible brand sell more in L.A. or the SF Bay area?



Other cannabis retail analytics platforms only provide a top-level view of industry trends and require you to analyze the data, leaving more questions than answers. SAGE focuses on delivering specific, actionable insights that enable your organization to operationalize growth, from the top to bottom.

By combining unprecedented visibility and sophisticated machine learning techniques, SAGE arms cannabis professionals with hyperlocal intelligence and execution insights to maximize revenue operations.

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